How To Keep Your Kids Cool In The Summertime

Summer is a great season to spend a lot of quality time with your kids. They’re out of school for a few months, they need fun activities to keep them busy, and — most importantly — they need to stay cool during the heat waves!

Check out these activities to keep your kids cool during the hottest months of the year, and contact Max Comfort Heating & Cooling for air conditioner repair or maintenance if you’re not staying cool enough in your home in Oshawa or Durham Region.

Beach Day

Not only are days at the beach a great way to stay cool when it’s hot outside, but it’s like a field trip for your kids — only they don’t have to go back to school afterwards! Some of the best beaches near Oshawa include Cobourg Beach, Lakefront West Park, Port Darlington East Beach Park, and countless others.

With so many waterfront public spaces, you can spend the summer visiting different parks and beaches to keep your kids entertained and cool.

Backyard Sprinklers

If you’re keeping things close to home for the summer, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in your very own backyard. You can turn your sprinklers on, attach one to the water hose, or find a water activity like a Slip-N-Slide.

Your kids will want to spend hours running around the backyard in the cool water, splashing, and sliding around.

Fun With Pool Noodles

You can also make your own “sprinklers” with the help of pool noodles. For bigger kids, you can attach four pool noodles with duct tape, cut a hole to attach your water hose to, and poke holes to create the “sprinklers.” Hang the sprinkler hoop from a tree so that it’s low enough for your kids to run through. Learn more about how to create this activity.

Alternatively, you can accomplish similar results with a single pool noodle. Poke holes down one side of the noodle and attach the water hose to one end. You still get the “sprinkler” effect with the small punctures, but you also have a fountain at the other end of the pool noodle that your kids can play in.

Car Wash

Another fun water activity that will keep your kids cool is a car wash for their bikes, other toys on wheels, or even the grown-ups vehicle! Not only will you save money by washing your car at home instead of taking it through a car wash, but you’ll have some extra hands to help you!

Your kids will love playing with the bubbles, spraying your car with the hose, and pretending to be a grown-up just like you.

Water Balloons

Another classic summer activity is playing with water balloons. You can purchase multiple bags of balloons that come with a nozzle to help you fill them up.

You don’t have to fill them up by yourself either! Half the fun of water balloons is filling them up in the first place. Not only will your kids love to help, but they’ll get a kick out of making different sized balloons and playing with the hose.

For a similar activity with ammo that you can reuse, try making sponge water bombs. You can make these by cutting up colorful dish sponges and tying them together with fishing line. Your kids can help make these too and create a variety of different “sponge bombs.”

Water Table

Have you noticed a theme yet? Kids love water activities and it’s a great way to keep them cool without getting too messy (unless they’re running around in the mud after the sprinklers).

If you’re looking to limit your water usage a little bit more, you can create water table activities where your kids can still play in water, but it’s limited to a smaller space.

You can create different themes for your water table by adding different toys or colors. Add plastic aquatic toys so your kids can play with them in the “ocean” or bring out some dolls so they can enjoy a “beach day” too.

Cold Snacks

No day is complete without a tasty snack to cool down with. Try finding recipes for snacks that you can quickly freeze. You can make your own popsicles, frozen yogurt pops, chocolate-dipped banana pops, and so much more.

Serving a cold beverage with their snack also helps them cool off. Try making homemade lemonade, fruit smoothies, or Italian sodas.

Good Ol’ Air Conditioning

The good news is that you don’t have to spend all day, every day outside with your kids during the summer. On those days that you spend indoors, make sure that your kids stay just as cool as they would playing outside in the sprinklers.

At Max Comfort Heating & Cooling, we specialize in air conditioner repair and maintenance. If your Oshawa or Durham County home isn’t staying as cool as you need it to for your kids to enjoy their time off from school, contact us today to schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair.

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