How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for the Summer

It’s still chilly outside, but believe it or not, warmer weather is just around the corner. Is your air conditioner prepared to work at its optimal level during the hotter months of the year? You can ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable by following the tips below to prepare your air conditioner. For air conditioner repair, or even just general maintenance, contact Max Comfort Heating & Cooling if you live in Oshawa or Durham Region.

Change Or Clean Your Filters

Your air conditioner works best when the air filter is clean of dust and debris. In order to keep your air conditioner running in its best condition — and to avoid air conditioner repair — change out or clean your air filters at least once every six months.

Air filters are usually located behind a metal panel on the face of the blower unit. All you need to do is unscrew the metal panel, remove the old filter, and replace it with the new one. If you have an air conditioner that’s a window unit, the air filter will be on the face of the unit, behind a metal or plastic panel. A lot of window-panel air conditioners come with a permanent filter, so instead of replacing it, you’ll need to gently clean it. We recommend a combination of white vinegar and water. Be sure to let the air filter dry completely before replacing it in your air conditioner.

Replacing your air filter is the most common maintenance you’ll need to perform for your air conditioner. It’s easy, affordable, and helps keep your unit running smoothly so you can avoid breakdowns and needing to call for air conditioner repair.

Clean And Clear Debris

During the winter, you’ve probably covered your air conditioner unit to protect it from collecting dirt and debris. Even so, you should still check for dirt and debris, like sticks and leaves, when you remove the air conditioner cover.

This may require cleaning the A/C condenser coils, which you can access via the side panels of the unit to lift the top off. Use a refrigerator coil brush or soft vacuum brush to gently clean the coils and fins of the fan. Be careful not to bend the fan. If you do, you can purchase a “fin comb” to straighten the fins back out.

You might also need to remove debris from the base of the condenser. If your air conditioner has a drain, make sure the drain is also clear of sticks, leaves, and dirt. When you’re done cleaning, tighten any loose mounting bolts and add a few drops of lightweight oil to the oil ports of the fan motor if it has any. If you see excess water inside of the unit, mop it up before reassembling the condenser. For help with this, any other air conditioner repair or maintenance, contact Max Comfort Heating & Cooling.

Check The Condensation Lines

These pipes in your air conditioner move condensation away from the unit. These lines could become clogged, backing up into the air conditioner as well as your house. This creates a serious mess that costly repair bills. To prevent clogging, use an algaecide to clean the pipes. You can find this product at a pool supply store.

Test The Unit

Before you really need your air conditioner, it’s important to test it and make sure it’s running beforehand. To test it, turn your thermostat to “off,” then turn the power to both the disconnect box and the main panel to “on.” After this, switch your thermostat to “cool.” If your air conditioner is running properly, you don’t need to do anything else! If you are having problems, contact Max Comfort Heating & Cooling to schedule an air conditioner repair appointment. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services and serve Oshawa and parts of Durham Region.

How annual maintenance of HVAC unit saves your heavy expenses

The availability of modern equipment has simplified the lives of individuals. Several homeowners in the Durham region have taken measures for maintaining the level of comfort inside their home. They have installed an HVAC unit that makes them control the temperature inside throughout the year. Whether, it is a sweltering summer afternoon or a frigid winter night experience a comforting atmosphere inside. However, for continuously experiencing the comfort in a hassle-free manner there must be an investment.

Invest in the HVAC system annual maintenance service for keeping the system in its best condition. Though several homeowners shrug off the task, but it is one of the important ones to be handled. In the following paragraphs, learn about the impact of the service on the electricity bills.


Significance of regularly maintaining the HVAC system

The HVAC system installed in your home offers service round the year and hence, forms an integral element. For enhancing its efficiency and performance the annual maintenance service is highly important. Moreover, this also creates an impact on your electricity bills by decreasing it. Given here are some of the key benefits of the HVAC maintenance system:

  • Regular maintenance of the system helps in learning about its mechanical issues. This would mean reducing the repairing costs.
  • As the system gets older, it creates an impact on its efficiency that results in increased energy bills. The maintenance service increases its efficiency and it consumes less electricity, thereby saving on your energy bills.
  • Regular maintenance of the HVAC equipment also decreases the possibility of a catastrophic breakdown.


Seek the assistance of our professionals for the task

Now, you have learned about the benefits of investing in the regular maintenance. It’s time to seek the assistance of a professional service provider for the service. Our company ‘Max Comfort Heating & Cooling’ is one of the trusted service providers in the region of Durham. Ours is a locally owned and operated, fully licensed & insured company.

Our team comprises of skilled, trained, and experienced professionals offering HVAC maintenance services at a competitive rate. We are also the dealer of some of the top brands and offer round the clock HVAC services. Feel free to get in touch with us for the services.

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