It’s starting to warm up in Oshawa and Durham Region, which means it’s time to crank up the A/C. If you turn on your air conditioner, though, and discover that it’s not working, it’s vital that you schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair as soon as possible!

At Max Comfort Heating & Cooling, we offer a variety of maintenance and repair services — including air conditioner repair. If your A/C is on the fritz, contact us today to schedule an emergency appointment. In the meantime, check out these tips on how to stay cool when your air conditioner is broken.

Switch To Cotton

Higher temperatures call for breathable, lightweight fabric. This makes cotton your best friend in the summertime. Swap out those flannel sheets for cotton ones, and make sure your wardrobe is cotton-friendly.

We also recommend loose, flowy clothes so fabric doesn’t stick to you if the temperature really skyrockets. You’ll be especially thankful for this breathable fabric on days where you’re sweating more than usual.

Enlist Ice Water

While you may be thinking, “Obviously I’m going to be drinking ice water to stay cool,” that’s not exactly what we’re talking about. Yes, you should definitely stay hydrated whether you have a working air conditioner or not, but when your A/C is down for the count, setting a shallow pan or bowl of ice water in front of your fan can help blow cool air into the room.

Another similar option to this is hanging a damp sheet in front of an open window. The breeze will be cooled as it travels through the wet sheet to cool your home.

Treat Pulse Points

If you’re looking for a way to cool down quickly, apply ice packs or cold compresses to your pulse points. Areas that are most effective to treat are your neck, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.

You can also place ice packs at the end of your bed at night to keep your extremities a little cooler.

Hydrate — Day & Night

Like we said, hydration is important. Staying hydrated during the hottest hours of the day is key, but it’s also important to hydrate before bed. Drink 8 ounces of water before going to sleep to help keep your body cooler throughout the night.

It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t need more than 8 ounces — that is, unless you like taking trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Take Cold Showers

Not only does a cold shower rinse off the sweat from your body, but it also helps lower your core body temperature when you’re getting uncomfortably warm without your A/C.

Do this before bed if you’ve been spending a lot of time in your overly warm home or if you’ve been outside for a good chunk of the summer day.

Minimize Light Usage

Even if you use environmentally friendly light bulbs, the lighting in your house gives off heat. Prevent the buildup of heat as much as possible by limiting light usage throughout the day.

The good news is that summertime means the sun is up longer, meaning you can take advantage of the natural light instead of relying on your light bulbs to light your home.

Limit Stove Use

If you want to cook something for lunch or dinner, opt for grilling outside. When you use the stove inside your home, the temperature increases dramatically. This is also a great time to opt for lighter meals like salads instead of heavier meals like casseroles that increase your internal body temperature.

Unplug Electronics

Similar to your light bulbs, the electronics in your home put off heat when they’re plugged in. Even if they’re off, they still use electricity while they’re plugged into an outlet. Prevent any additional heat from building up in your home by keeping electronics that you aren’t currently using unplugged.

If you don’t want to plug in and unplug appliances and electronics throughout the day, just unplug everything at night before going to bed.

Lower Your Mattress

Heat rises, which means the closer you can be to the floor, the better. Try lowering your mattress or even moving it to a lower floor of your house.

If you have a basement, this place is notorious for staying cool throughout the summer months. Sleep — or even spend most of your time — down here in the summer to stay cool.

Schedule Air Conditioner Repair

Not having an air conditioner in your home is one thing, but having an air conditioner that doesn’t work is quite another. If you live in Oshawa or Durham Region and are experiencing issues with your A/C, contact us today to schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair. We are available for emergency A/C repair 24/7, so don’t hesitate to reach out!