Winter is just around the corner, which means that your furnace is about to become your best friend. Before you turn your system on, though, there are several things you can do to make sure your furnace is ready to work all winter long.

Click here to learn more about why it’s important to prepare your furnace for winter, and continue reading for more information on how to maintain your system. For professional and experienced service, contact Max Comfort Heating & Cooling for furnace maintenance and furnace repair.

Turn on the Thermostat

Check to make sure your heating system is working by switching your thermostat from cooling to heating. Adjust the temperature by raising it a few degrees. You should hear the furnace kick on when you raise the temperature on the thermostat.

If you don’t hear your furnace turn on, there could be a couple of different issues. First, take the cover off of the thermostat and make sure all the wires are secure and connected. Next, check to see that the furnace unit itself is turned on. There could also be an issue with the fan, blower, or heat pump. If you’re unable to get your system running, contact Max Comfort Heating & Cooling to schedule furnace repair and maintenance.

Change Air Filters

Changing the air filters on your furnace every few months prevents particles from building up in the system and can help extend the lifespan of your furnace. Depending on the type of furnace you use, you will find air filters in different spots around your home. The air filter for the furnace is always located next to the furnace in a filter cabinet. Swap out the single filter in your HVAC unit.

Some furnace systems use permanent filters, which you can clean and reuse. If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself, you can schedule furnace maintenance with your local HVAC company.

Cover the Condenser

Protect your HVAC system by covering up the AC condenser for the winter. You can cover the condenser with a plastic lid or a large piece of wood or an AC cover, but don’t cover the system with a tarp. Plastic tarps trap moisture, which can damage your AC.

Note: If your system uses a heat pump, you don’t need to cover the condenser because this type of system works year-round.

Clean the Heat Exchanger

This step requires a trained professional to be completed properly. The heat exchange needs to be brushed out and vacuumed once a year. During this cleaning process, your technician should also check for cracks in the system. These cracks could cause a carbon monoxide leak in your home and need to be fixed immediately. A trained technician knows how to spot issues like this, so contact a trusted HVAC company to schedule your furnace maintenance.

Test the Igniter

If you’re having issues getting your furnace to work, it could be that the pilot light has gone out. If you have an older system, you will need to relight the pilot. If you have a newer furnace, your pilot light works electronically and you just need to reset the system. If this doesn’t work, check the breaker that’s connected to your furnace.

If you’re continuing to have issues getting the igniter to work, you will need to contact an HVAC professional to schedule furnace repair.

Inspect Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One of the hazards that furnaces present is a carbon monoxide leak. For this reason, you should check your carbon monoxide detectors while you’re performing furnace maintenance. Check these detectors regularly and, if you have a chimney, inspect it for carbon buildup and small animals.

Schedule Maintenance & Repairs

When winter hits Oshawa and Durham Region, you have enough to worry about without being concerned about whether or not your furnace is working properly. To make sure it’s ready for the colder weather, contact Max Comfort Heating & Cooling to schedule furnace maintenance, and get in touch right away if you’re in need of emergency furnace repair.