Often, individuals do not pay much heed to the condition of their HVAC unit. This would bring you more trouble in the future in the form of increasing servicing costs. Hence, if you smell something weird or hear an odd sound get alarmed. It might be an indication that it’s time for the maintenance service of the system.


There is no specified time of the year for getting your water heater or AC serviced. You can get them serviced once in a year for enhancing its service quality and increasing serving years. This would ultimately decrease the energy costs and prevent developing any sort of malfunction in the equipment.


Max Comfort Heating & Cooling is one of the leading service providers in the field serving our clients for years. You can rely on the service of our professionals for gaining top quality services as they are skilled, well-trained and experienced in the field. We have served numerous clients in the due course of time.


Of course, it is mandatory to invest in maintenance service. The proper and adequate functioning of the systems is mandatory for ensuring the health of you and your family. By investing in these services, you also work for reducing the electricity bills. The regular maintenance of these equipment enhances its performance and longevity.


Each and every equipment comes with a lifetime that gets stretched to a period of 10-20 years depending on the manufacturer. With the passing of time, its efficiency gets decreased and it needs repetitive repairing. This is an indication that the system is needed to be replaced by enhancing performance and reducing repair costs.


The basic function of a home humidifier is to enhance the air quality of your home. This is especially required during the winter seasons for keeping your family safe from allergic reactions. Accessing pure and quality air improvises breathing and keeps you and your family safe. We are expert in installing home humidifiers so seek our assistance for the service.


We want our customers to have options. That’s why we’ve partnered with Vista Credit to create financing solutions that will work for any budget. Get the HVAC equipment you need when you need it, and have peace of mind that Max Comfort is here to help you.

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