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Privacy policies followed by the company

Max Comfort Heating & Cooling has always the best interest of the clients in their mind. The Privacies of the company are designed for safeguarding the interest of clients and is also a crucial feature of the business. We request all our clients to read through the privacy mentioned here. It is suggested to go through it prior to revealing their personal information.

The company seeks the personal information of clients with the sole intention of creating a customer-friendly contact. The information shared with the company on the website helps in improvising our quality of services for the clients. In the following paragraphs, the details required to be disclosed by the clients are mentioned. Have a look at these points.


Personal information asked by the clients

The company does not promote any sort of cookies, hence, some personal details of the clients are required. The details shared support in understanding the needs and requirements of all our clients. The personal information required to be revealed by the clients is mentioned below:

Client’s Name

Residential Address

Contact information

Email id


Terms to be followed by the clients

Max Comfort Heating & Cooling Company believes that clients have gone through the Privacy policies prior to the application of the services. Even then, it is suggested to also go through the terms of the company discussed here prior to visiting the web pages. Clients are requested to follow the contents with the sheer intention of browsing the web pages conveniently.

The information loaded in the web pages are given for describing the services provided by the company. The company won’t be held responsible if any sort of inaccuracy is found in the details.

The content shared in the web pages may also contain some voluntarily shared information. The company never provides the assurance of providing completely genuine contents.

Clients are also requested to visit other sources of information for making a comparison of the information shared on our web pages. For any sort of fake contents, the company won’t be held responsible.

The company has copyrighted and fully protected the company logo, the images posted and also the content issued in it. Hence, copying the contents of the website is strictly prohibited. If held guilty of the act the person responsible would have to bear judicial jurisdictions.

The company never appreciates any act that is executed with the intention of duplicating contents presented in the website.


This is also informed to all our clients that the company is solely authorized for making any alterations in the Terms mentioned above. The company has got the complete right for making necessary changes as and when required. The events might get changed without providing a further notice to the clients.


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